Happy Saint Patrick’s to all of our Irish Safety Friends and Colleagues!

It is that time of year when the Spring flowers are out and we all think to Summer. For some of us, that means we also must consider the very real possibility that we might have to get into a bathing suit at some point.

Excess weight, although an image concern also is killing us! Following are a few medical considerations. This is a personal issue that many people struggle with. I am hoping that this information helps to motivate those who would like to make some headway with weight loss goals.

Chronic inflammation is sometimes called the “silent killer.” It can be very painful or there can be very few if any symptoms. It can smolder like an inactive volcano for years and then one day erupt with symptoms, perhaps too late, resulting in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or other diseases (think auto immune).

We see many commercials around this topic, Marie Osmond among many others. There are many new medical and treatment centers popping up to treat weight loss and chronic inflammation, but like so many medical subjects (Injury Prevention is in the same category), most of the energy seems to have gone into treating symptoms versus finding and eliminating the cause!

1 pound of excess weight can result in 3 pounds of extra strain on the spinal column, specifically the lumbar region. How many extra pounds are you carrying around? We should be a community to help support each other with these goals and make it fun. Optimally, families embrace these goals together.

Here are a few more facts to get you thinking. Studies have shown that when 2,599 apparently healthy individuals were evaluated, degeneration was found in their bodies due to the excess weight they were carrying. Obese individuals (30 pounds overweight or more), had more disc degenerative levels, higher severity of disc degeneration, and more often had disc-space narrowing compared to non-obese individuals (nerve pressure = pain).

Excess fat works to create disease. Fat cells produce cytokines – tiny secreted proteins that, when released, have an effect on the behavior of cells surrounding them (we all know someone like this). A normal amount of body fat does not produce excess cytokines leading to inflammation. As fat cells grow larger, they produce more and more cytokines, resulting in long-term inflammation.

Surrounding the fatty cells are other cells called macrophages, which also produce cytokines. Macrophages are cells capable of engulfing and absorbing bacteria and other small cells and particles. Macrophages are white blood cells found at the site of infection. A certain amount are necessary for good health, however as fat cells expand the proportion of macrophages increases. These then begin to produce more of the inflammation-promoting cytokines than the fat cells.

The need to know!

Chronic inflammation interferes with the body’s healthy tissues, triggering genetic mutations that can lead to cancer, the bursting of plaque in an artery wall, diabetes, depression, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and more!

Now the good news!

By reducing fat in the body, you reduce the production of cytokines, which in turn reduces the incidence of chronic inflammation. Fat is not the only thing that causes chronic inflammation, but it is certainly one of the major triggers. Please also remember to increase your daily intake of fiber, especially if you are over 50!

Although it may seem impolite to discuss extra weight with those we know and love, consider it like a chronic cough. If you rid the body of the cause, you rid the body of the symptom!

In summary, there are four specific main causes that bring about excess fat: 1) body toxicity; 2) lack of activity; 3) overeating; and 4) consuming excess simple carbs. One could also add Stress.

A good weight loss method will address and reverse all four of these culprits of excess fat, resulting in swift, healthy and permanent weight loss. There are many programs out there, good luck and tell a friend! Perhaps it is time to help change the eating culture in your own home and with your own family?


See you on the beach!!

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