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Our mission, to reduce injuries and save lives by empowering our community to make positive, life-changing decisions, is the cornerstone of every service Safety Center provides.

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Ergonomics: Best Practices with Hybrid Work

Tuesday, Sept 12, 2023 @ 8:00 am

As we navigate the post-COVID world, where remote work has become the norm and commercial office spaces are being completely reconsidered, join us at our safety forum centered on Ergonomics for Hybrid Work. We’ll explore best practices, examine the new challenges faced by employers, and share effective strategies to ensure safe, compliant, and well-received ergonomic setups for remote workers.

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Company of the Month


SMUD has been a long-time partner of Safety Center. Not only have they been strong supporters of a safe work environment, they have also been strong supports of our children’s safety program, Safetyville!

We were excited to see them at our Trick or Treat Safetyville event and can’t wait to work together again!

Safety Tip

1. Keep Showing Up, 2. Be Consistent, 3. Keep Your Word, 4. Own Your Failures.

As a safety professional, if you do these 4 things, you will see more buy-in for your safety program.




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